Tent Rental Policies

Contact Party On Tent Rental of Jefferson, NJ, for support or for answers to any questions you have. Please familiarize yourself with our tent rental policies.

  • 25%¬† ¬†deposit required.
  • Additional 4% will be charged for all credit card orders.
  • All prices are subject to taxes, delivery, and damage waiver fees.
  • All rentals are payable in full at least two days before delivery unless paying by check on setup day.
  • You agree to inspect all goods upon taking possession, and unless otherwise noted, goods on this rental are accepted as being in first-class condition.
  • Other than for Acts of God, you are responsible for loss or damage to rental goods regardless of cause or fault from when you take possession of the rental goods until Party On Tent Rentals retakes possession of all products.
  • Your liability does not cease until all merchandise is returned to us.
  • Party On Tent Rentals is not liable for injuries or damage to persons or property caused by fire, lightning, and windstorm, rain, cyclone, tornado, hail, explosion, or any other Acts of God.
  • Party On Tent Rentals is not responsible for underground utilities when installing tents. The customer agrees to identify all underground utilities.
  • The merchandise to be rented by Party On Tent Rentals to you shall be delivered to the address listed on the customer order form and maintained by you at all times at said location. At no time may the merchandise be moved from the stated location without the express prior written consent of Party On Tent Rentals.
  • You will not cook, place patio heaters, or use of any other flammable devices under tents.
  • All tables must be covered. You are responsible for covering all tables with paper cloths or linens. No staples or tacks will be used to fasten the table covers to the tables.
  • You agree to store all tables and linens in a dry, secure place and to clean all table and chair surfaces until returned to Party On Tent Rentals.